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I work with idea to early stage founders and high achieving professionals who aim to bring their gifts into the world in a more ethical way. Drawing on a diversity of life experiences, I weave together different ways of knowing and being to support the individual/organization/product's journey into greater wholeness.

I have a lot to give. I haven’t written a book or developed a 10 step framework, nor am I a certified coach or educator. Working with me is part coaching, consulting, mentorship, therapy, advisory, friendship, partnership. I meet people where they are at in a customized, experiential, emotional and embodied way. Highly gripped to the reality of one's world in this moment.

*I’m a bridge between worlds, valuing balance, alignment, embodiment, integrity, integration, creativity, slowness. Throughout my journey I have cultivated a powerful network practitioners, experts and investors to support unique needs of those interested in ecological, social and spiritual regeneration.

Ideal engagements are with individuals and teams that are idea to early stage (pre-Series A), mission-driven, and consumer facing. With an openness to receiving less traditional forms of support, and willingness to be changed and question core assumptions. Bonus points for pre-existing relationship and ability to meet in person!*

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