Twist on the famous 36 Questions That Lead To Love. Email with feedback, questions, or interest in integration support.


  1. Set aside at least one to two hours, ideally on Saturday or Sunday
  2. Choose how you would like to view and answer the questions. You may print questions below and write the answers, copy/paste them into a separate Doc and type the answers, or view on phone/desktop on airplane mode and think about the answers.
    1. Consider listening to the questions in this guided audio flow via Autopilot
  3. Pack a bag with a journal, water, snack
  4. Walk outdoors to a nature spot, or somewhere indoors where you feel calm
  5. Take some deep breaths - meditate for a few minutes if that is part of your practice
  6. Read and answer each question one by one. Spend at least a couple of minutes on each, ideally five or more.
  7. Respond with the first things that comes to mind. Tell the truth!
    1. Note A: You may not be able to answer every question fully right now. Consider the remainder = your HW for the class that really counts. No rush. Some people spend a lifetime trying to answer them, or never ask themselves at all.
    2. Note B: These are big questions. Some may bring up emotions. Be gentle with yourself. Breathe. Think of somebody you trust that you can speak to about uncomfortable things that may surface. It’s a challenging and overwhelming time. Ask for help, accept help. Don't shame yourself for any habits that are bringing you comfort right now. Your feelings are valid. You are loved.
  8. See Next Steps at the bottom of this page
  9. Live your life!


  1. How is your breathing right now? How is your posture? Check in with your body. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Take your biggest of the day.

  2. Who are you, really? Who are you becoming? What does your life stand for? How do you feel about that? What at the end of your life do you want to say you fulfilled?

  3. What are you questioning these days? At the personal, institutional, and collective levels.

  4. What aspects of your life feel out of balance? Mental Health, Physical Health, Romance, Fun, Personal Growth, Career, Finances, Family, Community, Spirituality. How do you feel about that? What would you like to work on this season? Who can support you?

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